About VERI

We are in the era where those values that make our lives worthwhile, are being trodden upon as days go by, we live in a society where the core values that bring out quality leaders today and the future are being exchanged for the disastrous and endangering transnational leaders. This moral decadence is so visible this days, that it can be seen and felt in our educational institutions, Government agencies /Parastatals, worship centers, families and society.

An attempt to address and reduce this ugly trend, led to the birth of Value Rebirth and Empowerment Initiative (VREI).

Value Rebirth & Empowerment Initiative (VREI) is a non-profit, non-governmental, and non-political organization established and registered in 2014, according to Nigeria law, with a mandate to Build the old waste places, Raise up foundation for many generations, Repairing the breach and Restoring the paths to dwell in through Engagement and Advocacy among others.

Our Vision

The vision of the organization is a Nigerian society with value driven institutions for sustainable peace and development.

Our Mission

Our mission is to Build Citizens’ Capacity, Mentoring, Value Re-orientation and work through Networks to ensure Probity and Accountability in Governance and Society. Our values are Diligence, Dedication, Determination, Service to humanity. Thematic focus; Peace building (Youth Empowerment), Civic Education, Governance and Environment.